Fun for All


Music: Mountain, Good Gravy                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Light leaked through the gaps in my shades, making it feel much earlier than it was. It had been two days since the valley was last blessed with a new blanket of snow. My better sense told me to stay home today.

None the less as ten o’clock rolled around I found myself on the gondola, headed up to snowboard with my buddy Jordan. My expectations we’re low at best. The middle of every run was ice. Not just slippery but hard, clear, day-ruining ice. Regardless, we took a few runs finding some ride-able snow along the edges of the tress where people don’t normally ride, however it was disappointing.  I was ready to give up on the mountain as lost; a victim of our bizarrely dry winter.

But then we met up with these people;

As seen from left to right: Peter Mcdowell, Drew McGlone, Liam Connely, Brad Poirier, Jordan Kupfer

They claimed to have knowledge of a route to the top of The Pony Express, a lift that had yet to open up. The trails were open but you had to hike to them, which means the snow there would be relatively unspoiled, and this is where we set out for. We dropped off the back of Morning Side through the Christmas tree shoot. And what unfolded before my eyes was unbelievable; good snow, unspoiled by the countless tracks that crisscross the rest of the resort. We happened upon magical glades with three, four, even six inches of untouched snow, just waiting for us to come and play.

Eventually the slope flattened out too much to continue riding, at this point we all took off our snowboards and followed the roughly defined trail to the road. Once we reached it we turned our sights west and uphill, to the top of Pony Express. And only a short hike later, this is what we beheld:

It just goes to show that even when the snow isn’t falling every night, there are still miracles to be had on the most unexpected of runs, and there is always peace on top of the mountain. There will always be at least one powder cash, sitting untouched and just waiting to reward the adventurer for their curiosity.

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